snap back to reality.

I'm Anthony. I'm 17. I live in Montreal. I skate and smoke a lot of dope. I'm taken by her <3 .

Anonymous said:

she worries about you because she loves you and doesnt like the choices you make. shes worried that the choices you make are gonna get you hurt. she loves you and if she wants you then you should be fucking estatic. go get back with her.

you can’t tell me what to do anon. I’m sorry but this is MY life, not yours.

Anonymous said:

go get back with your girlfriend. she loves and needs you.

forget it

Anonymous said:

whats best for her, is having you in her life as her boyfriend and best friend.

if I constantly hurt her then she’s better off without me. she won’t have to worry, won’t have to be scared of losing me. she can get on with her life and not live always being worried about me. I love her more than anything in this entire world. which is why I want to set her free from me. she obviously deserves better.

Anonymous said:

what the actual fuck is your problem? how could you do that to the "love of your life"? tash loves you so much and your just gonna throw that all away? like come on now.

k anon. you have NO fucking idea how much I love that girl. I’ve loved her since the day I first talked to her and I will the REST of my fucking life. i’m not “throwing it all away” im doing whats best for her.